Why Obamacare is Bad (In Plain English)

Okay. First off, Obamacare is not constitutional, and not even the Supreme Court Blog is pretending it is : “The Court holds that the mandate violates the Commerce Clause, but that doesn’t matter [because] there are five votes for the mandate to be constitutional under the taxing power.”

Oh no! There’s 5 votes? How did those get there? Well, it’s illegal, but, I mean, there’s 5 votes for it, so I guess we’re giving it a thumbs up.

It’s now a tax. As in, you get taxed if you do it, and you get taxed more if you don’t.

Here’s a CSPAN video of a politician obviously undergoing a turbulent inner conflict when asked if it’s a tax just a few months ago.

So, if you don’t get what the hell is going on, don’t worry. The kids up on the hill don’t either.

So, no policy bullcrap from me today. Here are two ironclad reasons why Obamacare will do much more harm than good. In layman’s terms.


The ‘individual mandate’ is not, in fact, code for a male-only singles night at the local DC nightclub. It means that the government forces you to buy health insurance.

The founding fathers are turning in their graves so furiously and rapidly, that the friction is in danger of lighting their coffins on fire.

It seems we’ve leapfrogged over the whole issue that our protectors are making everyone do what they want. Why? Because they know best. That’s very dangerous thinking.

It’s also comically,  hilariously, uproariously, fiendishly, extravagantly false.

The Government Sucks

The Post Office is a monopoly (UPS and FedEx are forbidden by the Federal Government to deliver non-urgent mail to commercial or residential mail boxes). We all know that, and have come to accept it, because how else are you going to get your mail?

Well, the reason monopolies are bad is because they let one party get filthy stinking rich, and leaves no room for anybody else to flourish.

Consider the fact that the USPS has been around in some iteration for at least 100 years, and add to it the fact that it’s a monopoly, and has always been so. Not only is it NOT filthy stinking rich, it’s on the verge of bankruptcy.

Not only that, but the Feds are closing down 3,700 post offices nationwide. You know things are bad when the government admits they’ve screwed up.

Some will blame Bush. Others will blame his predecessors. The thing everyone’s overlooking is that politicians are all the same. They can’t make money off a monopoly, while FedEx and UPS rake in millions yearly, despite being hobbled by Federal bans.

I wouldn’t trust the government to walk my dog. Most of America won’t trust them with their health. Which is why they have to force us to.

And then they pretend to be heroes, and we believe them.

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  2. No Reply

    Two things:

    1. The government already can force you to do multiple things, including pay taxes. SCOTUSBlog simply was pointing out that there would only be two ways the law could be Constitutional. Hooper v. California dictates that “every reasonable construction must be resorted to, in order to save a statute from unconstitutionality”, so the court had to look at both whether it fell under Congress’ taxing power and whether it fell under the commerce clause. It said no to the latter but yes to the former.

    2. You’re not forced to buy from the government. You’re forced to buy by the government, but because the law also sets up exchanges, basically what happens is that people are going to be forced to buy private insurance. This, in turn stimulates demand and leads to more competition, which is good for the free market.

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